Sacred Earth,

Sacred Work

An Introduction to

Creation Spirituality

Jazz up your joy and wonder in worship with this

fully-scripted series from the

Worship Design Studio in collaboration with the

Creation Spirituality Communities Working Group!


In the midst of bad news, fake news and no-news-is-good-news,

wouldn't you like to reclaim the wonder, joy and goodness of life?

What if we lived life truly connected to the origins of Creation and the Creator?

In the beginning God created all things and called them originally “good.”

In this series we explore six essential ideas found in Creation Spirituality–a way of living within the community of earth that deepens our reverence for life, participates in the creativity of the cosmos, and develops our passion for justice and human transformation. It compels us to lead lives of spiritual inquiry, creativity, and prophetic action as our sacred work in the world.

A couple of decades ago I attended a conference at a church called "Jubilee" in Asheville, North Carolina. It really was my first experience of this movement and theology called "Creation Spirituality." I learned that, alongside the liturgical year, they celebrate a cycle of four paths relating to our experience with God:

• recognizing the inherent goodness of all creation - including our own potential for good

• befriending dark places and times in our lives as fodder for new life

• exclaiming divine creativity and our role in co-creating with God

embodying compassion and power to bring more wholeness and justice to the world.

I instantly felt right at home with the theology and the people. I began to read books by theologian Matthew Fox and to familiarize myself with the ancient Christian mystics (Meister Eckhardt, Julian of Norwich, etc) so beloved in this tradition. It had a profound affect on my spirituality and love for the Divine Creator and this amazing world we get to hang out in!

So when the Creation Spirituality Communities Working Group came to me wondering how more churches might be exposed to this theology, I was excited to forge a collaboration in creating this fully-scripted worship series to add to the Worship Design Studio resources. I hope you will join churches across the country in discovering and exploring this life-affirming spirituality.

  • Dr. Marcia McFee, Creator and Visionary of the Worship Design Studio

These fully-scripted worship series have become the "go-to" for churches across the country for Advent and Lent. Now you can have a fully-scripted experience during Ordinary Time. The scripts come complete with prayers, litanies, familiar hymns and song suggestions (with alternatives for various styles of worship), leader transitions completely written out, and ideas for visual, media and interactive elements–all adaptable for your context. See what pastors are saying about Dr. McFee's resources:

"We are really enjoying the music, the symbols and the deep meaning of this series. And I'm really enjoying less-stress where worship planning has not taken over my schedule. Thank you!!!"

"I have loved having this series to jazz me back up and give me practical tips for my worship planning! It is tough sometimes to carve out the time to do advance planning... My music director is thrilled and my altar arts person is so excited!"

"I’m so grateful for your creative and dedicated work for worship. We have used your work in Advent and Lent for the last few years and have started to use it at other times too. I love that you offer so much to use and the chance to adapt it to our setting and style.  Grateful for your gift and precious ministry, it has blessed our church in important and meaningful ways."

""We are getting tons of great comments from our congregation - they are loving this series! Our youth director told me it's the best series she's ever seen at any church. I just love everything you put together - what a wonderful resource Worship Design Studio is! Thank you!"

This series demonstrates all of Dr. McFee's

well-known principles of

meaningful and memorable worship:


• Intentional Spiritual Journeys

• Congregational Participation

• Sensory-Rich Communication

• Deeply Spiritual Leadership

• Attention to Dynamics and Flow


 Utilizing this series will not only help you plan for the series, it can help train your team as you practice the concepts of meaningful and memorable sensory-rich worship.

The series comes with a "Get-Ready" webinar

where Marcia talks to your team about how to prepare for this series.

You get:

• 6 Weeks of Fully Scripted Worship Experiences

 (Of course you will adapt as needed to suit your context–

even if you just pull the prayers, songs and choral/band suggestions, you'll be ahead of the game!)


• A video demonstration of the first service in the series

to help your team get the feel of it!

• Visual and Media ideas

• Music suggestions for choirs/bands/ensembles

• Sermon Fodder featuring recorded interviews to draw from for each week

with Creation Spirituality experts

• How to create intergenerational drum and folk dance groups for the series

• Small group study recommendations



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